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Groups of 1-25
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$19.00 + tax per person
(1 hour session)

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Interested in hosting a Private Party or Corporate Event up to 60 people? 
  • - Our private event booking is perfect if you want the entire venue to yourself and your party. With this option, you can bring in your own catering.

  • - Our venue can accommodate groups up to 60 people anytime. Just send us a message and let us know what you have in mind.
Corporate Events * Team Building Events * Holiday Parties * Birthday Parties * Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties * Gender Reveal Parties *
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Want To SMASH Something?

Do You Want To Have An AMAZING Time or Release Some Frustration?

Choose Your SMASH

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BRING YOUR OWN SMASH!!!! We all have clutter in our lives and unfortunately that clutter sometimes holds bad memories. Bring it down to Maximum SMASH Room and smash it till you feel better than ever. One person for 15 minutes; bring your own stuff to break and leave the mess and memories behind.
(No CRT monitors or tube tv's, cooling devices, light bulbs, pressurized cans)
($35.00 + tax)
Glass only SMASH
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A glass only SMASH is exactly what it sounds like.
15 pieces of small glass items. Get in and leave it all in the SMASH room.
($30.00+ tax)
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A Level 1 SMASH is for 1 person to release some tension and let loose for up to 15 minutes! You will get 15 small glass items and one medium sized item such as a did player, vcr, alarm clock, keyboard, lamp, etc...
($35.00 + tax)
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This is just what it sounds, you will have Big items to smash!
You get everything you get 20 glass items, 1 small electronic and 1 tv or computer monitor.
($50.00 + tax)

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Frequently Asked Axe Questions

- How much does Axe Throwing cost?

The cost is $19/person per hour for the 60 minute throwing reservation or $30/person for a 2 hour reservation. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your reservation time to check in and sign the waiver.

- How does indoor axe throwing work?

Axe throwing is similar to dart throwing and a bowling alley. You will be throwing an axe at a target in your reserved lane. So wrap both hands around the axe handle, lift over your head and aim for that bull’s eye! Don't worry, our AxeMaster will be there to coach you!

- What do I bring?

Be sure to wear "closed toe shoes", you will not be able to throw if we can see your toes :) and bring a "valid photo ID".

We are a BringYourOwn food and drink facility (beer and wine is not able to be at this time but we are working around the clock with the Village of Machesney to bring this back). So pack and lunch and lets party!

- What if it's my birthday?

If it’s your birthday, you can throw axes at Maximum for free with a group reservation of 6+ people within four days of your birthday. Additionally, the birthday person must show their state-issued ID (or equivalent) with your birthday on it when you arrive. 

- Is there an age requirement?

Yes. Due to the nature of axe throwing, kids age 13-17 and under must have an adult present at the lane. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to throw axes. We highly recommend one adult per 3 children and one adult per small group of teenagers. Please keep in mind; Axe throwing requires good coordination and concentration skills to be successful.

- How do walk-ins work?

At this time we do not accept walk-ins. We highly recommend making reservations. Text 815-290-0910 with any questions about availability. 

- Is there a safety briefing?

Yes, we have Axe Masters that will hold a safety briefing with you. To start, you will have an axe throwing briefing with an Axe Master. They will teach you a few throwing skills and give you game ideas.
After about 10-15 minutes of safety and skill advice, the Axe Master will step back and play a supporting role in your axe throwing experience.

- Can I bring my axe?

No, for safety reasons, but it's ok, we have Rockford's Finest Estwing Axes for you.

- Can I take pictures?

Yes, we recommend taking pictures. We also encourage you to share photos on our Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Smash Questions

Why a SMASH Room?

It can be amazingly satisfying to watch destruction and demolition. Like a house made of cards collapsing, the leveling of fire gutted structure or a perfectly placed explosion in an action movie. What could be better...when you are the one who is doing the smashing. That's why we are happy to present, Maximum SMASH!! Come smash all your frustrations away at our smash room.

What will we do?

SMASH rooms are entertaining as well as provide a good outlet for stress. The price includes all the safety apparel needed. Each person is required to wear Tyvek coveralls, a SMASH helmet, protective gloves and eyewear. Different blunt end riot bashing objects will be provided to SMASH and trash every last item in the room!!! Many items are smashable, including laptops, televisions, ceramics, and many more....

- Do you accept Donations?

 Are you looking to get rid of unwanted items or things you can’t sell? Maximum SMASH will gladly accept your breakables - TVs (no tube tvs), printers, computers, stereos, vases, lamps, picture frames...we’ll take them off your hands.
You can drop them off at our Machesney Park location right outside the brown doors in our "drop zone". Please be advised that we are not able to pick up donations. We recycle everything that we can after it has been used, so go ahead and give your stuff one more purpose at Maximum SMASH before it’s relegated to the recycling bins. Help someone get some anger management in the form of smashing stuff to bits. We cannot accept ammunition, explosives or hazardous items.
Glass (bottles, dishes, vases...)
Computers (monitors, keyboards ...)
Appliance Recycling
​​Electronics Recycling

- Why go to a SMASH room??

Rage room or SMASH rooms are not only for when you are angry. You can also visit the smash room to relieve the stress and not merely anger management. When we talk about SMASH rooms, we talk about releasing that pressure and stress that you even don’t know was there. It can be more like fun to visit the smash room. The SMASH rooms can be used to relax the clients i.e. the mental peace.
There are too many people who want an outlet from family stress or pressure from normal life. There are also many people who work out each and every day or request or meditate but you may like to break stuff in frustrated condition. Remember the first time you smash a bottle.
If you think you have a calm and peaceful nature and don’t think you can be violent, you will be surprised to know that you will literally enjoy the experience in the smash or rage room. It will help you release and liberate the stress which you have not expected. 

- What do I bring?

Yourself, closed toed solid shoes, every ounce of pent up anger you have and a "valid photo ID".

- What is there to break?

We have an ever changing variety of things to break. All types of glassware, ceramics, printers, and other electronics. We have a monitor and keyboard or laptop in the rooms as well. We also allow you to bring some of your own stuff to smash if you choose, like that picture of your ex! (BYOS - Bring Your Own S#!%) 

- Do I need a reservation?

Yes. That is always best to make sure your room is available. Schedule your time with us online. 

- What can I bring in my B.Y.O.S. to SMASH?

You can bring a box of your own breakables and/or electronics. All items will be checked by staff to make sure everything is safe to break. Tube TVs, florescent lights, and batteries a few things we don't allow in. 

- How many people can be in the room?

We limit the number of people to 1 in our SMASH Room. We have viewing screen so you can watch your family, friends, or loved ones inside the room raging out! **YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SWING AT ANYONE IN THE ROOM WITH YOU!**

- How old do I need to be?

We have to limit the smashing to 13 years of age and older. Adults get to have all the fun!

- Is there music?

Rock Out while you SMASH! Our SMASH room has a bluetooth speaker available for you to sync up and play your music. Or if you smashed your music player before you found us, just let us know what you want to hear and well make it happen.

- I'm under the influence, can I come to break things?

Absolutely NOT. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be permitted in. PERIOD.

- Is it safe?

There will always be some risk where you are breaking things, (that's part of the excitement) but we do your best to outfit you in full protective gear. Waivers MUST be filled out by every person who participates. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SWING AT ANYONE IN THE ROOM WITH YOU!


 Friday 4 PM - 10 PM
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Sunday 2 PM - 6 PM


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Maximum Axe Throwing and Smash Room
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